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Welcome to G-Cloud

As part of its mission to develop and modernize the public sector’s IT infrastructure, InfoSoc S.A. in partnership with the General Secretary for Information Systems and Admin. Support has designed and implemented the Government Cloud (G-Cloud) project. G-Cloud offers top class, quality services in line with SLAs in the private cloud and public cloud based on state-of-the-art cloud computing and virtualization technologies. 

G-Cloud is an innovative, pioneering venture by European standards; a venture being undertaken by the Greek public administration. Its objective is to ensure joint use of IT infrastructure by public agencies, thereby reducing the cost of acquiring, maintaining and supporting those systems, while also increasing the degree of flexibility and security. The overriding objective is to improve services provided to citizens and businesses.

A tool for strategic modernization

G-Cloud reflects a strategic choice to modernize the public sector under the e-Government Action Plan 2014-2020 drawn up by the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction and under the National Digital Strategy prepared by the General Secretariat for Digital Policy.

Using the service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), public agencies are able to use one or more virtual servers (virtual machines) to meet their needs, thanks to flexible access and, more importantly, without having to procure the relevant hardware and software themselves.

Multiple benefits

Providing IT infrastructure and applications centrally via G-Cloud generates multiple benefits across the board for the public agencies that are recipients of those services, such as: 

  • Economies of scale in terms of acquisition, maintenance and running costs for the infrastructure a data center requires

  • Resource savings in relation to the procurement, maintenance and running of the IT infrastructure needed

  • Flexibility and speed in obtaining and using IT resources (immediate expansion and reduction depending on the agency’s need for the application)

  • Guaranteed availability of the G-Cloud services offered, thanks to SLAs

  • Top level security

Moreover, other specialized, particularly useful cloud services are available, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), primarily for Service Desk applications; SLA Reporting and Business Intelligence, while there are also plans to offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) soon.

The image below shows the three main cloud computing services and the constituent elements of each one depending on their origin (provider or consumer):

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