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G-Cloud’s Objectives
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Objectives of G-Cloud

G-Cloud’s Objectives

Through optimal use of cloud computing and virtualization technologies by the Greek public administration, the G-Cloud’s key objectives are:

  • To more effectively exploit and manage existing computing resources 

  • To generate economies of scale when it comes to the procurement of new E/M and IT resources and maintenance costs for them

  • To provide improved, more secure digital services 

Adoption of cloud computing by public agencies can also significantly reduce the public sector's operating costs. G-Cloud introduces a new philosophy to how public sector IT systems are operated and managed, and creates high availability, directly scalable IT infrastructure. It also provides innovative, flexible services to the IT systems it hosts, when needed for as long as they are needed; the overall result is better levels of service for citizens and businesses.

G-Cloud - An innovative venture 

Over recent years the Greek public administration has taken important steps towards adopting digital technologies to help it modernize. The G-Cloud’s innovative IT infrastructure supports the ongoing administrative reform taking place in Greece and seeks to be the most important, most cutting-edge data center for the public sector, offering top class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), for the most critical, most demanding IT systems operated by the Greek public administration.

Introducing this new technology for e-government is not merely a vision; it has already begun to be implemented in Greece. In certain public agencies, the roll-over of IT systems to the G-Cloud has already been successfully completed, even though quite a few countries in Europe are not even in the implementation stage, and in some others cloud computing remains nothing more than an idea for the time being.