DataCenter Specifications
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DataCenter Specifications

A. E/M infrastructure  

The E/M infrastructure at the G-Cloud Data Center has been designed in line with the Tier III standard to offer uninterrupted operation. 

The main features of the E/M infrastructure are as follows:

  • Useful power supply - 1,000 KW, installed capacity 2 x 2,500 kVA - All systems on a double loop

  • Cooling systems (output 3 x 500 kW) with water-based A/C units in a row 

  • Automatic fire detection and suppression system (VESDA)

  • Guaranteed secure physical access environment

  • Free cooling technology to ensure the rational energy management, usage and savings

B. IT Infrastructure 

G-Cloud’s IT infrastructure (servers, storage, RAM, network, security) has also been designed to ensure uninterrupted operation, thereby creating an efficient, easy-to-manage, stable and secure environment.

The main features of the IT infrastructure are as follows:

  • 11,000 Virtual Cores / 2,780 Physical Cores

  • 35ΤB RAM for the servers

  • 325ΤΒ storage space (there are plans to increase capacity by another 325 TB)

  • 99.75% availability 

  • Security provided in line with the ISO 27001:2013 standard

The G-Cloud infrastructure and Data Center are continuously monitored (24 x 7 x 365) by cutting edge monitoring and feedback systems to ensure uninterrupted secure operation.