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Software as a Service - SaaS
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Software as a Service - SaaS

Keeping pace with the latest technological developments in the international cloud computing sector, InfoSoc S.A. offers an innovative model for providing and using software via which public agencies acquire the right to use value-added software applications as subscribers to an online service.

By adopting the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, public agencies enjoy multiple benefits, such as:

  • Access to applications that in the past were inaccessible due to their high cost
  • Zero initial investment in infrastructure and security
  • Zero cost for technical support
  • Access from anywhere

The main applications offered via the SaaS model are:

  • Applications to record, schedule and monitor the progress of applications and for incident and problem management
  • Applications to monitor software and hardware licenses (asset management)
  • Applications to monitor infrastructure and application availability and productivity (SLA management)
  • Management information systems (MIS) and business intelligence (BI) systems